Slim Digital Hinged Door Lock

Designed to enhance access control and security for homes, businesses, and other applications, the DE10 Slim Digital Hinged Door Lock combines high security with unparalleled convenience, ensuring a seamless and secure access experience. Never carry keys again with the Doric New Zealand’s Digital Lock!


  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Our digital locks seamlessly integrate with smartphones via Bluetooth, allowing users to unlock doors effortlessly with a simple touch.
  • Fingerprint Recognition: Experience the ultimate convenience and security by registering your fingerprints with our digital locks, offering quick and secure access for authorized individuals.
  • Passcode Entry: Personalize your access by setting a unique passcode, enabling swift and easy entry for you and trusted individuals.
  • Card Access: Ideal for businesses and organizations, our digital locks support proximity cards, providing a convenient and efficient method of entry.
  • Mechanical Key Override: Each digital lock is equipped with a mechanical key for emergency access as an additional security measure.
  • App Compatibility: Take control of your digital lock through our intuitive and user-friendly mobile app, available for both Android and iOS platforms. Enjoy advanced features and manage access privileges with ease.

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