DN950 Mortice Lock

DN950 Mortice Lock

The Doric DN950 lock series is a secure and economical way of securing your next commercial project.

This is easy to install, easy to operate range of short back-set lock bodies will suit most residential and commercial framing sections and will also retro-fit/replace any short back-seat lock body.

In what has become an industry icon the Doric DN950 series short back-set locks are a durable product range which has been tested to the highest security and durability standards making it a very sensible choice.

For sliding applications, this product will accept all cylinder types and can be configured to suit all situations.


  • Manufactured from 2mm thick steel, this robust locking mechanism will deliver security and functionality to any hinged or sliding application
  • Available in 22mm short throw, 37mm long throw or 29mm hook throw to suit sliding applications

Available Options & Hardware:

  • DN950-1 – Shopfront Lock 22mm Throw Key/Turn
  • DN950-3 – Shopfront Lock 22mm Double Cylinder
  • DN950-11 – Lock Cylinder/Turnknob 37mm
  • DN950-13 – Lock Cylinder/Cylinder 37mm
  • DN951-1 – Lock Cylinder/Turnknob 29mm
  • DN951-3 – Lock Cylinder/Cylinder 29mm
  • DN1000 – Face Plate (Aluminium Finish)
  • DN612 – Recessed Strike Box

Commercial Hardware

Hinged Door Hardware